Christmas Dubai Style

My Second Christmas away from home 😂 Just want to share pictures on how I celebrate it here in dubai and also this is my first ever blog post!😁


A Mandatory Christmas Tree Selfie!
Christmas day


As i’ve told you earlier, Food is great! but I wasn’t able to remember the names, but the picture tells it all! 😂



A picture with Santa!



A gift that I’ve always wanted



We went to madinat Jumeirah beacuse the spirit of christmas is here! If you will not go sa mga tourist spot like this dito sa dubai you will not feel the christmas, at least kahit papano the feeling here is so different. Masaya as in and super ganda ng place.


Mahangin talaga sya wag niyo ng tanungin


Syempre nagpaka Turista mode ako! 😂 Minsan lang naman and ang ganda naman kasi talaga, actually ayoko ng mga picture na ganito e. 😁



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