Hell yeah!! It’s the most awaited time of the year!  And It’s up to you on how you will celebrate it and make the most out of it….

.. So I chose to celebrate it in the famous Burj Khalifa as I don’t have much options where to spend the night because im on the other side of the Planet and This is my first time to celebrate here.. So here it goes!!


As expected, Crowd is WOW! And Many of them says that it’s hard and super crowded to get to the feet of Burj Khalifa BUT  I dont care at all coz I really wanna see!!

We went there like 3pm and I even took half day leave just to be early and have a good place to watch!

And yes, After 30-40 mins of walking, We are heading now sa Burj Park!!!! Ang sayaaaaaa!


As you can see, Nakakuha kame ng place na maganda !


So I even get more excited because we have a good spot!! Diba?

We met some people na din from other countries like palestine, Qatar, Nepal, Turkey etc. Sila yung mga katabi namin!

They are siblings from palestine pero sa US sila naka based and lumaki, They are here sa Dubai for travel purpose and they are very kind also! Imaginin mo sa tagal, nakwento na nila samin yun Hahahahaha.

So waiting game is the next torture! As in! We’ve waited like 9 hours just sitting down!!  Akala ko eto na yung worst part but NO. Ang hirap Mag CR!!!!!!!!!!

Finally, It’s 9:30 PM. Few more hours then THIS IS IT NA! BUT our excitement turned into anxiety when suddenly THE ADDRESS HOTEL is burning just like that. It’s so fast as in, The fire started in the middle went up and we’re all like looking at there thinking na umalis na lang because It’s frightening and we don’t even know if Burj Khalifa will still continue the show because it’s really just in front of the Burj!

So the Burj lit up like this when everyone is staring at the Address hotel while burning, I don’t know what’s the meaning or maybe just to turn the attention! There’s also no way out to leave the Burj Park so we don’t have choice.

The excitement and energy of all the people there suddenly changed. No more fountain show every 30mins and no more loud music.

BUT Dubai is really the positive city on earth as the fireworks still continue even the Address Hotel in on fire. They still manage to show what they have prepared for the last 6 months. Congrats UAE!

AND Still, I was amazed on the beautiful fireworks though my excitement has gone and not that much as before!



Burj Khalifa 2016 New Year’s Eve! (Gopro shot) Not complete!



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