Desert Safari 2016

We have planned this several times but because two of them will move for good so we really need to make it happen!  😂 📷

Trailer of the ganaps 

it’s winter so Brrrr  🐫

The mandatory ikot-ikot video selfie.

 You can also wear their National costume and take a picture.


Solo shot!

There’s nothing much in the Dubai desert, it’s just that you need to experience. For me, The 4×4 sand dunes ride in ilocos is still better than this!

 Sunset is perfect!

Sadly, I wasnt able to post the video of our camel ride since we are late so it’s dark, So puro salita lang maririnig. First ever camel ride pa naman yun. So Unfortunate. 😂

One thing that is very legit here is the sand. I really wanted to show you how fine it is. So watch it below:


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