Ice Skating XP

This kid right here is her first time to Ice Skate at the age of 25. Wow. So proud that she was able to experience it with me, without me she will stumble and fall. Hahaha Choz.

The stand doesn’t look like that it’s her first time. good job.

Mirror selfie.

After 5 years, I tried it again. I still know how but not a pro. Iba talaga pag nagkaka age na din medyo mahirap unlike before.

After 30 mins. Here we are. The bleachers. lol. OA sa sakit ng paa for the first time again after so many years.

Look how fun it is.

She was so happy but I don’t think she enjoyed that much (coz as i’ve told you earlier OA sa sakit ng paa) but what’s important is she already knew how was the feeling.

In life, I think experience is something that never gets old.


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