Dubai Museum

It’s a mandatory to go to Museum when you are in other country for you to know the history of that particular place, para naman may alam ka din.

Dubai Museum

This is the queue when you enter after the picture above. Of course maraming afam ang pumupunta dito.


May pa waiting area din.

The cost of the ticket is olny 3 AED. This is so cheap.


In 15 mins kaya mo matapos libutin yung buong museum. It’s not that big as you expected compare other museum, that’s why it’s only 3 aed.

This is what they called “Abra” Syempre kailangan ma experience. Hashtag Experience never gets old.

Ang saya niya pero sobrang saglit akala ko mga 10 mins ride. Pero token ride lang.

I revealed the machoness in me.

Blogger pose level talaga gusto ko i-achieve e.

I remember ” Anong meron sa nakasarang tindahan, at dun nagpipicture.” pero level up version ko.

Then after Dubai Museum, We walked in a bay area, MOA seaside yung feels

Never naman nawawala to si Divine light e.

The end.




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