I’ve been very lazy to style my hair for the past year because I wanted to give a short break after everything that we’ve been through haha yes correct It was damaged, So I didn’t touch it for awhile And I’ve just waited until that natural hair bounce back.


The song love yourself is the right term for that, so lesson learned love your hair! Don’t put too much color give your hair a break just like your heart or else you want this loshang look above. 


See. nag very manang-level na ko so I think it’s time to put some glow again and now that It looks okay, I think its time for my new hairstyle to kick in. But seriously, I want something new.


I decided not to cut it anymore coz I want to break-up na din with my bangs. Very nene looks kasi.


So now its hard to decide what would be my next hairstyle.Hmmm. But I really want that short-hair-don’t-care looks ko before, So HMMMMM.

 I had a curly and short hair style before but now I wanted to take it to the next level, So What’s Next? 

These are the throwback of my hairstyle before

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