Throwback Playlist



That moment when you listen to music and it gives so much memory, the Those-were-the-days feelings. I can relate to that coz music for me is something I can turn to when I’m alone, Happy or Sad. It gives me so much strength and can change my mood instantly. Music inspired me a lot. I’m not a musician or something, I just enjoy listening to Music. So far, I can say that somehow music has been part of my life. I LOVE MUSIC!


Below are the Songs that gives so much nostalgic feeling to me (not in order)

Sweetest Goodbye – Maroon 5-One of my theme song nung </3

The Wind Blows – All America Rejects- Kill me now, bury later is my peg to this song. Sakit e! Saktan mo.

So you can cry – Neyo – Fave song ko to! everytime I listen to this parang nagiging okay ako. 

Sunday Morning – Maroon 5 -Feels so good music

Seven Years – Saosin (Highschool feels)

Dead and Gone – Justin Timberlake – I feel that I need to change or something that’s need to be change when hearing this song

 Sana Kung (Ayaw mon a) – Mayonaise

Ang lungkot nito, super. I like it di dahil nakarelate ako, pero super sincere lang ng song. Totoong totoo. Tagos.

Not a bad Thing – JT- This song reminds me of someone, what if. Charot!

 Getaway – Jason Derulo

‘I’ll be your midnight escape, when it’s too much i’ll be your getaway – The lyrics tells it all ❤

 I don’t want to wait – Paula Cole – I feel so old whenever I hear this song Lol

 Moment 4 life – Nicki Minaj – Dancing is all I want to do for this song!

 Royals – Lorde

 Don’t think –Parokya ni Edgar – One of my motivational song

 Rockstar – Nickel Back

I just love this song!

Your Universe – Rico Blanco

You are my Universe! Pag inlove na inlove ka talga e no.


Tensionado – Soapdish

If – Rivermaya inspirational ❤️

You da one – Rihanna (Song ko to for you❤️)

Dead Man Walking – The Script

na appreciate ko to nung Heartbroken ako.

There’s so much more in my list! but I’ll continue na lang sa part 2 ng Throwback Playlist ko! Throwback Playlist Thursday!



xxpamg 💫


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