Looking back



This is not a story that will inspire you or something but more like it’s a situation of most Filipinos who’s trying to find work abroad. So I’d like to share one of my unforgettable experience who taught me so many things in life.

To make the story short I will skip and start on how I was able to surpass my trip from manila-sg-srilanka-dubai Alone. So I booked my flight from Manila to Singapore with return ticket. Why? Everybody knows how tight our immigration is when it comes to traveling if they knew that your traveling to Dubai as tourist and no relatives sponsor, for sure they will offload you. So you have to make a scene that kunyare you will travel to SG for holiday but NO. Hehe You can also go to HK or Malaysia wherever you want. Much better if you did the booking on your own, I mean your credit card or seat sale promo so that Immigration will not doubt, In my case kasi I’m alone so it’s really suspicious. Advantage na din if you travelled already, So mas mukang kapani-paniwala. So I remembered upon reaching the immigration counter I was really nervous and those questions asked was:

  • How many days are you in SG?
  • Where do you work here? ( can i see your company i.d)
  • Where you will stay in SG?

Good thing I am prepared for those questions but sometimes Immigration officer has this psychological technique na papaikot-ikotin ka hanggang sa mag stutter ka and kabahan ka na and if your answers are not consistent then you might get nominated for further investigation in their office so you need to be smart and attentive. 


So when I arrived in Singapore there’s no need to worry about pero syempre I still feel nervous kumabit ata sakin yun nung buong araw na yun e. But the journey didnt stop there coz after SG, I have a layover in sri lanka for 7 hours, So how it is? To think im alone but because im friendly like that lol I met a friend and he’s from maldives and he has a connecting flight too going naman to maldives and me to dubai.Good thing I met him from SG palang because he also lives in Sri lanka before so he’s familiar already, Very Philippines lang ang sight sa sri lanka at maganda pa nga satin e. 

The boy from maldives

 After the long wait, now I’m boarding to my final destination which is dubai I was so uneasy, bumalik yung kaba ko, I dont know what I am feeling, I’m tired but I can’t sleep, I can’t even eat so well kasi dimo pa alam daratnan mo sa dubai and I don’t know also if masusundo ako nung friend ko kasi I dont have any data and my roaming sucks coz it didnt get activated so nganga talaga, I dont have any means of communication to whoever but Yes there is wifi at the airport but juicecolored naman sa connection, laslas talaga. 

So my next struggle is what is up to my house? It’s really my fault that I didnt make sure where to stay. I stayed for 2 sleepless night in a bed full of bed bugs GRABE talaga! 😦 But I told myself “this too shall pass” and it did.  Thank you lord coz I was able to moved to another house after 2 days.Then the next challenge is it’s hard pala to get along with the people you don’t even know lalo na hindi ka marunong makisama, Bed Space lang kasi ma-a afford ko since super mahal nga niya and pag kinonvert na satin it’s like 10k pesos (800AED) ang rent here for only BED SPACE plus additional water and electricity fee pa, Wala nagulat lang syempre newbies. Well, I’m all alone for 2 weeks because my friends are coming over palang by November that’s why struggle ko talaga mag isa yun lahat, I dont know bakit ba di pa ko sumabay sakanila, ang goal kasi is ako muna so by the time na dumating sila may work na ko but it didn’t happen.

Days have passed and I feel like Running nowhere because of my 30 days time frame since my tourist visa is valid only for one month, my goal is to find a job within the month but life is so unfortunate for me so I have to extend my visa. So many failed job interviews, Im running out of money, Sadness, Worries, Pressured and All that is going on my mind every single day. “Keep the faith” is what Im told but if you’re going through something like this eh minsan di mo maiwasan mag give up talaga but still dasal lang, dasal lang talaga. So 10 days left before my visa expired I got a job yes super duper yes talaga, The offer is not high pero I need to grab it, why? My visa will expire soon if I didnt accept the offer I need to exit and apply again for another tourist visa but Im also paying my rent, buying my food. so tell me how can I survive?


So I realized that time na when you decided to do something dapat you are physically, emotionally and financially ready. You must consider all the consequences, maybe that’s the wrong thing that I’ve done I didnt think of what ifs, nasobrahan ako sa pagka positive e, I just planned the way it is without considering what might happen in the future, nagmadali kasi ako so dapat pala lageng my back up plan from A to Z. 


Then what happen next is. You can check out here: KISH




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