We never know

We never know what the future holds but we know who holds the future. choz! 

 Hello! Lakas kaya maka-bago ng mga plano sa buhay pag nagkakalove life ka! lol. Joke. Pero di ako bitter just wanna share something about how love can move me 😊

Sometimes you’ll regret the things you do because of that effin love and because of that “love” we believe in that so called “future”. well all I can say is that kapag naman talaga someone is inlove kahit wherever or whatever pa yan go lang ng go, lakas maka globe. Hahaha pero after the love has gone, to the moon and back din marerealize mo how stupid you are doing those things when your inlove haaay HAHAHAHA pero syempre you will not make kwento with your friends since you will protect the dignity of your “Ex” syempre ayaw mo namang masira siya because that is how stupid you are. See? Hahaha! 

Now all I can think of is that when kaya that day na I will be able to tell myself na “This is it” na, “siya na” talaga and “ready na ko” HAHAHAHA Ang hopeless lang pero you can’t help but to look at the future kasi, to visualize where you are, what have you achieve and who are you with after 5 or 10 years. 

Well! Love is not a joke and love has a lot of efforts and understanding to make but I failed to do that. Perhaps, hanggang perhaps lang ako haha coz I dont know why. Maybe I need someone who will bring the best out of me instead of bringing the worst in me (halimaw attitude ganoin) Joke!

Goodnight! #MondayThoughts 



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