Random Question when your wasak!

What do you think of love? Or how do you define love?

I cannot define love kaya siguro I always lost it maybe because I don’t know what’s the true meaning of it. But loving someone for the past years of my life I understand that LOVE is not JUST a word, it needs some action. Love need some effort, love is not just by saying I love you, Love need some hard work and it needs to be expressed. Well there is love in everything you say and do but you cannot just see it. Love needs some appreciation, attention and most importantly Time. And why the hell I can say all of these but I cannot do? LOL!

When do you say “ Tama na, Ayoko na”?

Paguwian na! Chos. Of course, Kapag everything is not in control anymore or you are hurting each other too much (Physically or emotionally). For me it’s not giving up, it’s like saving what you can still save from the relationship before it will totally destroy the both of you.

How do you Move on?

I don’t know how. Pero I do cry a lot. That’s a good thing to do, cry it out for you to become okay for that moment. It’s not easy. You have to help yourself. Before I almost die, depress. Then I started to believe that there’s more to life (maikili ang buhay e para maging malungkot). So I just live my life normally with happy people do happy things and create happy memories then later on I just realize it’s over, gone. That’s it. I have moved on.

What are your Learnings in Love?

Siguro don’t make decisions when you’re mad and when you are Happy because both has some effect afterward. Just be happy, enjoy each other’s company. Kasi for me Love is the greatest thing in the world and it’s the most wonderful thing ever, to love and to be loved in return.

Credits to Design Pirate for all the hugotphotos!


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