One morning I decided to create mine I don’t know pero bigla lang talaga na I feel like to tell a story to whom I cannot get an answer or more like I just want to profile all the places and experiences I had been and what I will have in the future..
I didn’t create blog for you guys this is for my own, to feed my hungry soul joke pero kidding aside I’m happy doing this at least bukod sa pagkain may bago nakong hobby haha Ayoko naman kasi magpaka blogger be like tapos pilit na pilit. This is me, this is how I tell a story and sa tingen niyo ba pag nag I-English ako dito sa blog na to ako yun? Syempre hindi. Sorry sa rude words and expressions but this is me.

So Blogme or Hateme? haha This tagline bigla lang pumasok sa isip ko oo parang wala namang kwenta haha pero it has. Everything has it’s own purpose you just have to open your mind and have a deeper appreciation parang Life, it’s like a rosary that full of mystery! pumasok pa yun haha!

Well I’m writing this to avoid critics as well and promise I cannot fulfill your expectations. haha I just want to write guys and share it, If you read it then thank you if you don’t it’s okay. We all have our own goals! PUSH mo din yung sayo, para everybody HAPPY!!!! 🙂




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